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My Favorite Fall 2014 Hair Trends

The changing of season is a little painful for me as I’ve decided to not play around with my hair too much before the wedding.

Hair is there to play with, though; if it turns out awful, that sucks, but it will grow back. I’m just itching to switch up my style or color.

For those looking to change their tresses, let me live through you. Here are my 6 suggestions for awesome hair trends to try this fall 2014.

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(Image courtesy of Aih.)

Are birthday resolutions a thing? A quick Google search tells me that, while they may not yet have reached bonafide ‘thing’ status, birthday resolutions are not entirely unheard of.

As opposed to New Year’s, when everyone makes resolutions at the same time and many share them with each other, your birthday is your own private celebration. This means that, instead of fielding questions from your coworkers of whether or not you kept your resolution to stop biting your nails, you can pursue your resolutions without outside pressure, and the guilt that results when you’ve fallen off the wagon.

Last Friday was my birthday! This is the first year I’ve made birthday resolutions, but I hope to make it a tradition. Find my resolutions after the jump.

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Moving Day Blues

As you probably (don’t) remember, Eric and I are ditching suburban life for downtown living.

It seemed like a month away (it was), until this weekend when multiple people reminded me, appearing a bit concerned, that I actually am in fact moving in a week. And have I actually not started packing?!

In my defense, I’ve gone through my stuff and got rid of the junk and things to donate. They’re just not in the boxes, okay? I’LL GET THERE.

The thing is, as much as I despise our current house for a variety of reasons, I realized I’m sad to leave, nonetheless.

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Do You Love Vietnamese Food As Much As I Do?

Vietnamese cuisine is a serious obsession in Ottawa. It’s difficult to walk more than 3 blocks without hitting a pho place. And that’s the way I like it.

I remember when my friends and I first got a taste for Vietnamese food at the end of high school, we thought we were very exotic and worldly. (Okay, this was probably just me. Few other people consider what their food choices say about their personality.) I’d scoff at amateurs’ pronunciation of ‘vermicelli.’ Come on now, newbie.

Suffice it to say, Vietnamese food and I remain on great terms. Click for my favorite recipes!

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My 4 Favorite Fall 2014 Trends

I have to admit that I’m writing this very begrudgingly.

Ottawa’s current bout of brisk weather is an unwelcome reminder that fall is swiftly approaching. While most people celebrate this fact, I’m left missing the sticky hot days of mid-summer.

Still, two aspects of any changing season I can’t deny are new trends and opportunities to update my wardrobe.

Let’s take a look at 4 of my favorite fall 2014 trends & don’t forget to tell me which ones you love!

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Have You Heard of Co-Washing?

(Original image courtesy of Marta Nørgaard.)

I came across the term ‘co-washing’ the other day and had no idea what it meant, except perhaps conserving water by showering together. In which case, nice in theory, but no.

Being perhaps the laziest person in the world, I was pleased when I found out that this is a trend in haircare in which you skip the shampoo and simply cleanse your hair with conditioner.

To find out more about this practice, and find out if it’s right for you, keep reading!

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