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Kelsey Eats: Stepping Up My Cooking Game Edition

Okay, I realize that the image says Kelsey Says instead of Kelsey Eats. I’m tired this morning, clearly.

This week, I went with a couple of friends to Chris Guillebeau’s release of his new book, The Happiness of Pursuit, at a local Chapters. He is also the author of a very popular blog. In his talk, he brought up the idea of living with urgency. I was really intrigued with this idea, having been considering this concept a lot lately without having a name to use for it.

The way I look at living with urgency is to approach your life head-on, without making excuses or putting off your goals. I’m particularly guilty of this, though I’m sure each of us experiences this to an extent - I make future plans or elaborate to-do lists without any intention of starting them up anytime soon. I perpetually live in the ‘We’ve got plenty of time’ mentality and this is something I’ve been trying to check myself on whenever possible.

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Adult Ages and Why You Shouldn’t Have One

I think most women have an ‘Adult Age.’ A changing age we started thinking about either during childhood or early adolescence by which we would have fully actualized into our adult selves. As a teenager, I was convinced that by age 24 I would most definitely be married, have at least 1 child, be relatively well-established in my chosen high-paying career, and juggling all these roles perfectly.

By the time I was getting ready to leave high school, I knew it was insane to think I’d do all that by 24. 24 seems infantile in this day and age, doesn’t it? So, my Adult Age was adjusted to 28. By 28, for sure, I would be the best damn wife, mother, and career-woman I could be. After recently turning 26, I had been thinking about my Adult Age and realized that this concept is useless and actually potentially harmful.

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Happy 50th Birthday, Charlie!

For my TYIF (Treat Yourself, It’s Friday!, my new favorite thing), I picked up the October edition of Real Simple magazine and learned that this month celebrates 50 years Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has been in print.

Not only do I adore this book simply because it’s a classic, but it’s what I like to call a ‘foodie book.’ They are books that are about or, more often, give fantastically vivid descriptions of food, leaving you salivating, eager to eat and sometimes ready to cook.

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The Best Sous-Chef You Never Had


If you’re a regular reader of Kelsey Says, you probably recall that I love a new app. Even more than that, I love a food-related app. And still, there’s something I like better: a free food-related new app.

Side Chef is the long-awaited answer to sticky fingers on cookbooks or laptops. At one point, I believed that a dirtied paper recipe indicated an active and adept cook. While that may be true, I’ve since come to the conclusion that chocolate-smudged sheets does not necessarily a great chef make.

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Second-Hand Shopping Isn’t Just For Clothes

(Original image courtesy of Jean L.)

When Eric and I moved out almost a year and a half ago to our old place, a 3-story townhome, we were in desperate need of furniture. Sure, we took all we could get from our loved ones but we had a whole lotta house to fill on a limited budget.

A friend suggested we frequent second-hand stores for housewares and even furniture. I certainly had my doubts about picking furniture from a used store, I’ll admit. It could not have been a better idea, though. We scored kitchen items, décor pieces, and a couple items of furniture - some of our favorite in the house now.

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Kelsey Eats: Thanksgiving

Let’s be real with each other. Last week was a pretty uneventful foodie week in anticipation of our Thanksgiving feasts. Who needs to put any thought into dinner when you’ll eat turkey in seven days? Oh, no one else supports that logic? Okay, moving on.

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