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Kelsey Eats: Cool Whip Cravings

As you remember from last week’s Kelsey Eats, we were busy in Toronto, trying to stalk Beyoncé, so this was a very low-key week. At last, a chance to catch up on some downtime.

Still, food is almost always my number one priority. As such, our food week was pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.

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Girls Who Don’t Like Other Girls aka. Aren’t We Getting Too Old For This?

(Image courtesy of

The girl who doesn’t like other girls. Sometimes diplomatically labelled ‘a guy’s girl.’

All girls are mean to each other, not just this specific breed. This is an unfortunate truth, yet hardly surprising considering how often we are exposed to conflict between women or girls in the media. It almost seems to be an obvious fact in our society that an inherent rift exists between females yet this effect is a complete social construction. Thanks a lot, The Bachelor, now women everywhere hate each other.

Okay, I realize it’s not quite that simple.

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Flavored Salts: The Best DIY Gift for Your Favorite Foodie

(Image courtesy of Steamy Kitchen; text added by me.)

Overall, I’m a relatively healthy person. I naturally have an affinity for most vegetables, and an almost-always aversion to cheese.

(Sidenote: After once responding to a Subway employee that I didn’t want cheese on my sub, the guy in front of me in line said I was insane for skipping it. He had a bonafide passion for the fromage, apparently.)

I would be any nutritionist’s poster girl (well, maybe not) if it weren’t for my lifelong infatuation with salt. Case in point: a low-sodium diet is my idea of hell.

The recent foodie trend, flavored salts, is appealing to anyone, not just salt junkies like myself. Plus, it makes the perfect gift - it is easy, out-of-the-ordinary, tasty, and homemade!

Find three simple, DIY recipes for this tasty treat after the jump.

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Have You Heard Of Duolingo?

(Image courtesy of teachthought.)

I recently downloaded the language app, Duolingo, and convinced Eric to do the same. We started learning Italian, since Eric is half-Italian, though, being Canadian, we really should have chosen French. Oh well, I’m one step closer to living in Italy.

We’re so into it now that I knew I had to share with you! Learn more after the jump, and find out if you should learn another language too. (Hint: yes!)

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Easy, No-Cost Ways to Get a Good Sleep on a Hot Night

(Original image courtesy of Lotus Carroll; edits & graphics by me.)

The past few summers in Ottawa have been hot - a trend not unique to our neck of the woods, but one experienced worldwide.

Many homes are gifted with the blessed AC, but for others who rent and/or need to be budget-conscious (like us), a little more creativity is needed to keep cool.

Sleep, essential to day-to-day functioning, is too often the unlucky victim of the sweltering heat.

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Kelsey Eats: Pilgrimage to Yoncé

If you were to talk to me at any point in the last two weeks, you would have known that ERIC AND I WERE GOING TO TORONTO TO SEE BEYONCE, OH MY GOD. (Yes, you would have remembered this tidbit in capital letters.)

So, naturally, this week’s Kelsey Eats is a lot of our trip to Toronto, including the Beyoncé & Jay-Z concert, a visit to the aquarium, and to the public gardens.

Oh, let’s not forget the food. There’s some of that, too. (Think chicken tandoori skewers and blueberry frozen Greek yogurt, mmm.)

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