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Making Time for Your Hobbies

(Original image courtesy of THOR.)

As we get older, we tend to view hobbies as novelties or a fun, but frivolous, way to pass the time. Unlike our younger selves, engaging in our hobbies is an irregular occurrence and often accompanied by feelings of guilt that you didn’t use your time to do something more productive.

The problem is that having active hobbies is actually quite beneficial for our mental health. It reduces stress, and rouses creative thinking. Nevertheless, there are some people who have no hobbies at all and the rest of us are touch-and-go with ours, to be generous.

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Kelsey Eats: I Don’t Wanna Cook Edition

I always thought I enjoyed cooking. And I do, but having as many options within walking distance of our house as we do now, motivating myself to cook is like trying to get a 4-year-old excited for church.

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Zzzz…. Get Better Sleep Tonight

(Original image courtesy of Didriks.)

I’m one of very few people who does not relish sleep or even really look that forward to it. I hate the fact that I’m not doing anything for 5 - 8 hours at a time. Yes, I know my body needs to ‘recharge’ but if I could just get a head-start on this deadline…

After the move, the quality of my sleep took a hard hit. Not fully comfortable in my surroundings, my sleeps were light, restless, and full of tossing and turning, much to Eric’s delight.

It’s since improved but, as I’ve never really had great sleep habits, I want to take the time to develop a sleep routine that will allow me to be healthier and happier.

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The Moving Diaries

I’m an overestimator. (That’s a word now.) I always imagine I can get more done in a period of time than is actually possible, or realistic. Or I predict I’ll have boundless energy and the motivation to cross every item off my to-do list.

Then reality hits (generally in conjunction with ugly crying). And so has been the Great Apartment Move of 2014. For my more avid fans, you may find it easier to use the acronym ‘GAM2014.’

When considering the moving and unpacking process, I figured a week would be perfectly adequate to at least have everything out of boxes and to start settling into a routine.

While the move was not an exceptionally difficult one, the process of weeding through, packing, and then unpacking 3 floors worth of stuff into a 1-bedroom apartment was an exhausting one.

Slowly, the number of boxes has been reduced and the apartment is feeling more like home and less like a dingy hotel room. Still, keeping up with the daily blog schedule and deadlines for other publications is tiring me out. We’ll be back in action starting Monday, but until then, here are a collection of random thoughts and pictures from the past week or so.

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Excuse the Interruption

Hi friends!

I’ll sit down to work on a post hopefully in the next day or two, but until then, be patient! Eric and I are in the process of moving from our 3-floor townhome to a 1-bedroom apartment so we have our hands full over here, to say the least.

On the plus side, there are two McDonald’s in walking distance now.

Any words of wisdom re: moving?

Help Me Make a Swedish-Canadian Smorgasbord!

(Image courtesy of la cannella fragola.)

Because I’m just now starting to feel suffocating anxiety regarding packing for our move this weekend, today’s post is more of a call to action for you!

I’m pretty much asking you to do the work for me. Okay? K.

I’ve really wanted to put together my own smorgasbord of sorts but, truthfully, am not super fond of Swedish or Scandinavian food. Solution: make my own rendition! And so the Swedish-Canadian smorgasbord was born.

And, of course, I’ll be sure to post how it turned out as soon as I get around to actually smorgasbording it up.

What foods would you want to see on a Swedish-Canadian smorgasbord?