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Kitchen Revamp & Organization 2014: Pantry & Food Storage



Keep reading for more on how to organize your pantry, links to cool items to boost your pantry efficiency, and a look at my pantry!

In my infographic above, you will find my top five favorite tips and tricks of kitchen pantry organization. I’ll explain a bit more here.

Group like items together.

This is a tip that seems obvious but I’d bet that many of you aren’t currently employing this tip. I’m saying this because, until about an hour ago, neither was I!


As you can see, I’ve grouped our SodaStream mixes, hot chocolate, spreads, canned vegetables, tomato sauces, and hot sauces together for easy access.

Paint the inside of your door with chalkboard paint and keep a running list of items to be bought.

Since we rent our house and I know we’re planning on moving in the not-too-distant future, this is a tip I’m going to hold off on for now but a great one nonetheless. As you run out of items, simply write them on the board as you notice for easy shopping list making.


(Picture taken from

For regular chalkboard paint, take a look at RONA.
For a fun take, choose from 30 different colors at HudsonPaint.
If you prefer to DIY, follow Martha Stewart’s chalkboard paint tutorial to make your own.

Buy a back-of-the-door organizer for frequently used items to eliminate search time.

For items that you know you use often - for our pantry, this would be rice, hot chocolate, and cereal, to name a few - consider purchasing a back-of-the-door organizer to store them. That way, when it comes time to use them, they will be stored in a convenient and easy-to-find location.

Target sells a simple wire version of a back-of-the-door organizer which is 5-feet long.
Amazon carries a similar product except it is adjustable.
For an alternative to the over-the-door organizer, The Container store sells a grid system of containers and holders for over-the-door organization. This allows for higher customization, depending on what items are currently in your pantry and your needs.

Use small stacking shelves to add more levels to your pantry.

This is incredibly useful if you have lots of can, boxes, or containers in your pantry (which most of us do). Adding these shelves gives you more levels to store your food items while saving you the hassle of having to pull out can after can to find your desired ingredient.The beauty of this tip is that these stacking shelves can be easily found in a plastic version at a dollar or discount store.image(This picture taken from

Home Depot carries a line of various pantry shelves, including this convenient size.
For a more finished look, take a peek at’s chrome shelves.

Invest in small and medium bins to store loose items, such as soup mixes, seasonings, snacks, treats, etc.

We use these as catch-all bins for items that end up thrown randomly at the back of a shelf. It helps us see everything we have and encourages us to use all our ingredients as a result. It also seriously improves pantry clutter. Again, I would recommend visiting your nearest dollar or discount store to find these at the most affordable prices.


We have a medium-sized bin to hold our rice mixes, chow mein noodles, and miso soup packets. We have a smaller bin for taco mix, chicken seasoning, and small items, like a SodaStream sampler mix.

For even more clever solutions and helpful tools, look through the kitchen pantry items at Home Depot and

What are your best kitchen pantry organization and efficiency tips & tricks?